Adult Classes

Many Christian life application and adult classes offered.

We offer adult classes for college students all the way to our more experienced generations. We’re confident there’s a place where you’ll fit right in.

Adult Morning Sunday School Classes

Where the coffee is freshly brewed and of course, always free!

9:30A – Sunday Mornings

College and Career
Taught by Betty Castle

Learn about a Christ Centered Life with those of us new to the “real-world” Real world could mean just out of school, just starting college, already in college, or now you’re out of college and need a job to pay for college. Maybe you’ve decided college just isn’t for you. Come anyway!

Taught by Mike Hagerty

Ok, you’re out of school, you’ve been workin’ for awhile. Come by and learn with all the rest of the bunch.

Rebecca (Women)
Taught by Lois Hunt

It’s a class that helps women fulfill their Christian Roles for a Christ-Like Walk in life. It’s geared toward the struggles and triumphs of life for all women.

Wisdom Seekers
Taught by Hope Arthur

We’re all about variety, and helping others plug into a church family. This does just that. This class is for those individuals that are in the middle of life. Maybe the kids have moved off,or maybe they’ve moved off and came back to live in your basement :) What’s important is that wherever we are in life, we still need to find a common ground. That common ground is a Christ Centered Life.

Senior Men
Taught by Jackie Hunt

Show the younger fellers that you needn’t always worry about working yourself to death to be rich, and that sometimes the best way to relax is to find an old shade tree, and have a good talk with the Lord. You’ll learn how to apply God’s Word to living in your second childhood of an experienced age.

Adult Evening Bible Studies

5:30P – Evening Bible Studies

Women’s Enrichment Ministry
Taught by Kim Hagerty

Men’s Bible Study
Taught by EBC Deacons