Traditional vs. Contemporary Services

East Baptist Church of Denison, Texas says that it's "..a Traditional Southern Baptist Church". 
What does this mean?

This is a very good question. We're happy you asked! Worship styles can affect everything from the music choices and selections, as well as how and with what instruments they are played with. Worship Styles are also affected by how the preacher, pastor or minister present God's Word or the message. In the "world of worship" services, there are basically two types of worship styles. "Traditional" and "Contemporary"

Here's a breakdown of the two:

This means that there is most likely no choir involved. Instead you'll have a "praise & worship team". This team will usually consist of a singer or two, a guitar or keyboard, a set of drums, and in larger churches all of the above. The music will usually consist of newer styles written by newer artists. On occasions "oldies" are included. In larger churches overhead screens will display the lyrics to assist the congregation in singing. The preacher, pastor, or minister will speak afterwards. Also, the terms preacher, pastor, and minister are interchangeable. This is also true with Traditional styles.  After the preacher speaks sometimes an invitation or opportunity to speak with the pastor or a member of church staff about what you heard will be given. This is your opportunity to ask Christ into your heart with the ease of having a knowledgeable member of the Christian Faith with you.

In a Traditional Worship service you will typically have a choir and a choir leader or director. The choir will typically sing in unison with the congregation using hymnals. The hymnal, by the way, is that book which is usually sitting right next to you or directly in front of you during the service. The song selection can vary, but will usually consist of more traditional hymns. Some that come to mind are "I'll Fly Away", "Amazing Grace", or "Just As I Am". A piano, organ, or keyboard will assist as an accompaniment. Again as stated before, the preacher will present God's Message afterwards. When he is finished, he will call the Invitation. It's called the Invitation because you are being invited either to accept Christ into your heart, to join the church, or in some cases rededication of your life to God and Christ.

Which type of Service reflects East Baptist, Denison?

East Baptist Church of Denison, Texas is a Traditional Southern Baptist Church. We have a choir, a choir director (Mike Miers), and a pianist (Ilene Miers). The congregation sings traditional hymns with the choir. As a member of the congregation you have access to a hymnal to follow along and sing with. During the services, East Baptist uses a projector and screen to display the Hymn Page numbers, then during Bro. Brett's sermon we display power points to go along with his sermon. After the choir has finished singing, we then have "Special Music". Basically, this is just a solo sang by a member of the choir. It can consist of something more traditional or contemporary. Afterwards, our pastor, Bro. Brett Castle, preaches. When he's finished we have our Invitation. Afterwards we adjourn for the either the afternoon or evening. 

We have chosen to remain with the "Traditional" style of worship because we feel it best reflects the overall tone of our congregation.